I wonder how some stores survive…..

I live on the northside of Brisbane and have been looking at buying a new sewing machine.  I love my 20 year old machine but I’m ready to upgrade.  The Singer 160 at $499 is gorgeous.  It is limited edition styled like the original machines.  The other sewing machine I like is the Brother NV-600 at $999.  It’s targeted at quilters and has alot more features.

There’s a shop near home which stocks the Singer 160.  I went there last year for a test drive.  I had to sew on paper without thread.  That’s ok but I wasn’t allowed to touch the paper!  The woman said that when I sew I shouldn’t touch the fabric!  My friends were surprised and said you HAVE to touch the fabric when sewing!

After that experience you think I would never return.  I was at the shopping centre (they have a really good yum cha restaurant) and wandered in.  DING DONG I set off their sensor.  Two women were huddled round a sewing machine.  They glanced at me then decided to ignore me.  Straight after me an older gentleman walked in setting off the sensor.  They leapt up, asking how they could help him.  Turned out they didn’t stock what he was after.  I walked over…..

Me:  Excuse me.
Woman:  Yes?
Me:  Is there a reason you ignored me when I walked in?
W: Um, I didn’t know you’d come in.
Me: I set off the doorbell and you looked at me.  You leapt up to serve that gentleman.
W: Um….

Me:  I’d heard the service here was a joke and you’ve confirmed it.  I know why people say to avoid your store.
W:  We’re doing training.
Me:  You need to do some customer service training.

I walked out head held high leaving them open mouthed.

wonder how they survive.  The staff at my local quilt store had heard many similar stories and do not recommend that anyone shop there.

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