Fabric Cutting Fail

The back of my knee length Pippa dress (Butterick 5710) consists of two pieces. I’ll insert a zip and sew a seam. Should be straight forward however look at this. The pattern wasn’t sitting flat when I cut the first piece. The side seam is missing some fabric.


Mr talked me out of throwing it under the lawn mower – something about possibly breaking the lawn mower. I’ve decided I will sew on. Worst case scenario is I have to buy more fabric and remake the outer layer. Mid-level disaster will be inserting a feature panel each side out of the green and gold fabric. Best scenario will be it’s fine.

I should own up and admit I was pinning and cutting on the tiles. I really should use the table.


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4 Responses to Fabric Cutting Fail

  1. tyastlc says:

    I love that kind of green :)

  2. tyastlc says:

    I love that kind of green

  3. nurseknits says:

    arghhh! I hate it when i make a mistake cutting out! but, worst case you will be able to adjust the fit, and at least you had a coupon for the fabric, didn’t you? I sew blouses and simple pants- no dresses yet.

  4. I made that dress too. Cutting fabric on the bias is tricky!!! I suggest you press your pattern pieces first, then lay out your fabric so you have the grain perfectly straight and weight it down so it won’t move. When you cut out the pieces add extra weights to hold the pattern in place before pinning or cutting. I used burn-out silk – good grief, did it move around! A cutting wheel makes life easier, too. The good news is that bias cut fabric can be a bit forgiving.

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