Birthday Eve

Tonight is my birthday eve and it’s one of my most boring ones. I normally enjoy my birthday eve and farewell my old age. It makes my birthday more than just one day of celebration.

I guess looking at it from a broader perspective it’s not a completely sucky eve. I received flowers today from Mr. We’re drinking 18 year old wine which a friend gave me. We put the movie Cleaner on which I chose by name and it was good.


Besides the flowers I know I’m receiving socks. Mr and I went for a run the other day and I complained about not having any good socks for running. I then told Mr that if he hadn’t bought me anything the could buy me socks. Last night we went shopping and I got to choose some pairs.

Tomorrow night we’re seeing the musical South Pacific then staying in the city. I saw South Pacific in 2010 in New York City. It’s one of my favourite musicals plus it’s set in the Solomon Islands which is a country I lived in for six months.

Maybe tonight needs to be boring because we’re having such a special night tomorrow. We haven’t made dinner reservations but have a few ideas on where to go. I need to stop sitting round thinking my birthday eve is boring and choose a pretty dress to wear to the theatre tomorrow night.

Cheers everyone!


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2 Responses to Birthday Eve

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Have fun at the show… :)

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