Cladonia Shawl – Attempt 1

I used to search Ravelry with a focus on free patterns. I would ignore patterns because I didn’t want to pay for them. Then one day I couldn’t find the right pattern so I included patterns that I could purchase online. I guess when I visit my LYS I can hold and look in a pattern book. See if I like how it’s written. An e-book or pattern? That’s a leap of faith. One day my search brought me to the Cladonia shawl pattern. I knew it was the one so happily bought it. I wanted to use my yarn from Claudia’s Handpainted Yarns. I cast it on and knitted a few rows. I wasn’t quite sure it was the right yarn/pattern combo but knitted on a little more. Eventually I stopped unhappy with the colour pooling. The yarn is purple however my phone always makes it look blue.

I have decided I will attempt Cladonia again, I just need to try with different yarns.


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