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I’m back! I don’t have an exciting excuse for not posting but after my friend Lenka R asked what was happening with my blog I knew I had to return. I have started a new job in town. I commute 40 minutes each way by train. At first the train ride was an adventure then it became tedious. After a while I realised I should relax and enjoy myself. Sometimes I knit, other times I read. One thing I’ve noticed is when I knit I often have an empty seat beside me for the whole journey. I’m courteous – I use circular needles and keep my elbows tucked in but people just stay away!

Today is day two of a long weekend. Yesterday I decided I would check out a couple of craft stores – Lincraft and Spotlight. I was getting ready to go and thought of Annie from knitting group. Phoned her up and yes, she was keen for a spontaneous adventure. First stop was Lincraft at Toombul which had selected yarns 50% off. I was tempted by the yarns but maintained my yarn diet. I did find a gorgeous Vogue pattern (V8804) for a jacket. When I make it I will only do the lower pockets. There was also a book sale and I bought Knit Noel and Holly Jolly Christmas Quilting. Each book is hardcover and was $7.99. I could have bought 3 books for $20 but neither of us could find a third book we really wanted. Annie bought 21 balls of yarn.

The Lincraft lady recommended a deli in the shopping centre. Really good fresh food and a big thank you to Annie for buying my sandwich and drink. It was her thank you to me for taking her on a shopping trip.

Next stop was Spotlight at Everton Park. It’s ALOT bigger than Lincraft. Most of the yarns were full priced but Annie did pick up two balls for her crochet ripple blanket. I looked at the Christmas fabrics and bought 5 fat quarters. They were $3.99 each.



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2 Responses to Back to the blog

  1. Knitting as you travel works on British trains too. I also use circular needles and keep my elbows in, but people must just think, “Uh oh, nutty woman alert!” and steer clear. :o)

  2. O. Jolly says:

    Not only is a train a good place for hand knitting, it’s a good place for sewing *little* hand embellishment projects. But that might really send out the alerts. ;)

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